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How do I start?

It is best to measure how much space you have at home and think about exactly what you need. If you choose a ready-made model, we will also make it for you in exactly the size you need. In the configurator, you can resize existing models, or you can design a completely unique one for yourself.


How is an order processed?

• If you like one of our models and it suits you in that form, you can order it through our webshop.

• You can find all our models in the configurator, here you can resize them or design a completely new one. When you have what you want, save it and share it with us, or e-mail us the model and exact measurements.

• We will send back a detailed offer, with a photo-realistic visual design and, if necessary, with our suggestions, to make sure you get the most suitable model for you.

• We will then consult with you and make the changes you requested.

• If we have finalized the model according to your ideas, you can order it by bank transfer, and the product will arrive to you 8-10 weeks once the payment is received.


What does centimeter-precise production mean? Do you really manufacture it to the centimeter?

Yes, in fact, we can only start manufacturing our model if we receive completely accurate measurements from you.


Are you sure I won't screw it up? How do I know it will be comfortable?

We have tested and developed the ergonomics, stable and flexible surfaces, and soft curves of our sofas for years to provide maximum comfort in every position. This ratio system does not change with the width dimensions, so you can design freely.
We do not recommend our sofas to you if you like extra soft, very squishy types. Hannabi sofas are very flexible, their surface is soft, but the lower layers keep the spine stable, so they can provide the joints with the most suitable position.

What are templates in the design program for?

You only have to resize these models according to your own needs in the menu on the right side of the configurator.


What are the Basic elements in the design program for?

From these elements - on the left side of the configurator - you can also design completely new compositions. Don't be afraid to experiment, we can actually produce what the design program allows.


If it's not comfortable, will you return it?

Since these pieces of furniture are made to a completely unique size, we are unable to take them back and for the same reason we are not subject to the obligation to buy them back. Please take this into consideration before ordering.


Can I assemble any sofa in the configurator?

Within the system, you can assemble every element and variation option to the centimeter.


Why can't I give a more accurate size than 10 cm?

In order for the system to be able to render and price in real time, which gives you accurate information immediately, we had to simplify the system, but regardless, you can specify the size separately with us and we will manufacture it for you accordingly. It doesn't change the price either.


Are the armrests and backrest fixed?

Yes, this is how we can provide a durable and comfortable seating position.


Why can't I find a separate armrest and backrest?

Because these two products are the same with us, depending on whether you put them on the side or behind - in one case it functions as an armrest, while in the other it functions as a backrest. That's why we call them supports.


If I don't feel like putting it together individually, can I choose a ready-made model, perhaps in a different size?

You can find the finished models in the menu on the right side of the configurator, you just have to resize them according to your own needs.


Are the elements really not connected and can I move them that way? Don't they slide apart?

No, thanks to a special rubber sole and their weight, they won't slip apart.


Is it difficult to move items? Are they suitable for daily movement?

Our furniture is not light due to the high-quality wood and metal structure, so we do not recommend it for daily movement unless two people can hold it.


Can I order items afterwards?

Yes. All our sofas are uniquely numbered so we can match your new order exactly to your old model.


Can I request a finished model in a different color or fabric?

Yes, we have compiled our selection of fabrics in such a way that they are all compatible with the minimalist design of our sofas.


How many fabrics and colours can I choose from?

There are hundreds of fabrics to choose from, which does not affect the price of the sofa. Our offer, which you can get through the configurator or directly from us, applies to all fabrics.


Can I order an extra fabric?



Can I order the sofas with my own fabric?

Yes, we will give you a 10% discount on the original price and we will make it with the fabric of your choice, however we cannot guarantee the cleanability and wear resistance of the sofa.


Where is it made?

All our products are made in Hungary.


What is it made of? What makes it long life?

Our sofas are made from structural-stable wood or plywood frames with wave springs. This structure guarantees that it will last you a lifetime, there is no planned lapse of time.


When will my sofa arrive after I place my order?

Within 8-10 weeks from the date of transfer.


Do you ship abroad?

Yes, you will find the prices calculated with delivery in the webshop, if you want a custom sofa, we will give you a special offer - please contact us for details.


Do you have a showroom - abroad - where I can see the sofas? Do you have a distributor?


We don't have a showroom abroad, neither a distributor - you can only order our sofas directly from us, so we can provide you with a centimetre-precisely personalised, long-life quality sofa at an affordable price and retain our design freedom.

Ha kérdésed van fordulj hozzánk bizalommal!

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