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we tailor it centimeter exactly to you



Our sofas are handmade, limited products, uniquely made to your exact needs. Crafted centimeter by centimeter, sensitively linked to your space, your body and your existing objects.


Once you've chosen the model that suits you best, you can size it and dress it up with over 100 colors and our special accessories. Alternatively, you can design a new set, whether it's for relaxing or active, social spaces


our simple and interactive configurator will help you create a design that will ultimately provide you with the price, mock-up, and final product that meets your needs – try this easy sofa designer to create your dream furniture

convenient, mobile and washable



The soft curves of our sofas follow your contours, with their soft, flexible, and stable surfaces ensure your comfort in any position. Our shapes have been tested for years and our accessories are constantly evolving to meet the highest ergonomic standards.


Made to measure, you can move the different pieces of the sofa around to suit your needs since each individual piece is not not permanently connected, but thanks to a special foot they don't slip apart. Whether you're at the movies, a meeting, at work, or relaxing, the sofa moves with you.


Any dirt can be quickly and easily wiped off our fabrics with water or detergent. If you would like to check this and try it before ordering, we will be happy to send you a sample


it lasts a lifetime


We are deeply attached to the things we care about. By involving you in the design process, our aim is to ensure that you really do choose furniture that suits your needs, and keep it as long as possible. In this way, we want to encourage conscious, thoughtful, ethical consumption.


We use high quality materials that will last you a lifetime. For items that may have seen their time, we will recycle them to use in new products in a refreshed way.


Thanks to the quality of our furniture, none of our sofas have needed reupholstering in the last 13 years, yet we will also work with you to ensure you’re comfortable with your sofa. If you need to part with your Hannabid for any reason, we’ll help you sell it on our second chance webshop.


Over the past thirteen years, we have served hundreds of satisfied private individuals and design firms, while also having a careful and conscious approach with our corporate partners. In addition to beautiful homes, restaurants, and cafés, we transform companies, activity, and relaxation areas into vibrant community spaces with our furniture—all while keeping employees and users in mind.

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