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This year we made a personal project for the Design Week together with the Art On Me shop.

We put a question into an installation and call all the visitors to join and find the answers together. During this project, we discussed on topics including the objects what we collect during our lifetime, and tried to define the connection between these objects and our comfort zone, freedom, and mobility. We realized this project in a minimalist space installation called Naked Home. It displays a clear room interior, which contains nothing more than the most necessary furniture and cloth pieces what we need. Naked Home not only a reflection to our relationship with the objects around us, but it also shows us an alternative option.

Beside our home and private zone, Naked Home focuses on our mobility as well, because the objects what we stored up during the years also can narrowing the opportunity and motivation to put everything in a small box or suitcase and just take the road to somewhere.

Finally Naked Home appeares also as an interactive game. We organised a workshop with students from the MOME and the Applied Art School of Vevey in frames of this topic. We also broadened the interactivity of the installation by calling every visitors to send their wishes and impressions to the wanderers.


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